Danlao Rattan, established in 1993, is a private company producing and trading high quality and authentic decorative products and furniture made from rattan sourced in the forest of Lao PDR. With more than 2 decades of experience, Danlao has already established a good name in the local and international rattan markets and in furniture and decor industries. Danlao is also a certificate holder of  the  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international not-for profit, multi-stakeholder organization promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. With the financial and technical assistance of WWF, Danlao is continually producing FSC certified products. Several production workshops around Laos and a sales office and a showroom in Vientiane  Capital are open to all interested buyers and visitors.

Danlao works closely with local people at FSC certified villages where the rattan canes are being sourced and also with the village handicraft group for basket production.

An overview of Danlao's plan in the future 

The company plans to generate a fund used to produce rattan seedlings for rattan forest enrichment so that the density of rattan will increase in the natural forest causing a long term positive effect.

About the founder

Mr. Xaykham Phetmanivong is the reason behind all the success Danlao is experiencing now since 1993. Mr. Phetmanivong, though there were business challenges while setting up and running Danlao, did not stop on believing that a sustainable process to produce pieces of furniture, baskets and other wicker works would be a better solution to sustain his business. Now, Danlao, through the efforts of Mr. Phetmanivong has extended their opportunities into the international market.




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