With 22 years of growing economic experience, Danlao already has several cross-country satisfied customers who could guarantee that Danlao is producing authentic and top-of-the-line products.



  • 2015 the FSC 100% rattan folders 135 pieces to WWF international as gifts for a WWF international conference and 150 pieces to WWF Regional total 285 pieces. 

  • 2015 the FSC 100% Easter Basket 1,040 baskets Coop, Switzerland, FOB Bangkok

  • 2014 the FSC 100% Easter Basket  7,758 baskets for Coop, Switzerland, FOB Bangkok

  • 2013 the FSC Rattan Chair Stick 3,000 pieces for Sweden, CIF SWEDEN

  • Export a Lao traditional diner set to USA taken order by Lao American, Ex-Work (factory) price for non-FSC rattan




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