Danlao Rattan is home to many options and creative designs. From traditional wickerworks to modern decors, homewares  and furniture made from authentic rattan fiber, one will not go home without buying at least a product or two. Each item is based on international quality standards and is beautifully and skillfully handcrafted by the local artisans and checked strictly by the quality control personnel. Each Danlao product seeks to satisfy the real living comfort every consumer needs. The main products of Danlao are different sizes of rattan core, furniture, basket items and household-use items. Danlao have a quota for both FSCTM and non-FSCTM rattans which are processed in the same place where boiling, cleaning, bending and splitting activities occur.



Danlao Rattan Basket 01_1
Danlao Rattan Basket 01_2
Danlao Rattan Basket 01_3
Danlao Rattan Basket 02_1
Danlao Rattan Basket 03_1
Danlao Rattan Basket 04_1
Danlao Rattan Basket05_1
Danlao Rattan Basket06_1
Danlao Rattan Basket 07_1

Find out more details of Danlao Rattan products here


Find out more details of Danlao Rattan products here.


Other Items

Danlao Rattan Folder 01_1
Danlao Rattan Folder 01_2

Find out more details of Danlao Rattan products here



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! All products are certified by the chain of custody from Rain Forest Alliance, working with villages handicraft group community and FSC Certified rattan products and exporting to Europe.


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